100 days and counting

:: more work with “white boards” by Mabel and Troy ::

in the past few days, i’ve come across a few printables that are seeing use in these parts.  one is a simple 100s chart (with lovely rainbow colors used in the banner).  this comes from a free calendar notebook from Jolanthe at Homeschool Creations.  we are using it to count our school days.  M gets to practice writing numbers and counting every day.  she is also very excited about the idea of  having a grand celebration when we reach 100!  we are also using another sheet from the calendar sheet notebooking set to track the day, time and temperature.  thanks to Sarah at Amongst Lovely Things, we have that sheet in a page protector and are using white board markers to write and erase the  same sheet each day.

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Ann at A Holy Experience offered another sort of 100s sheet last week as part of her series on the spiritual practice of creating life-giving habits.  she suggests using each day to work on three new things, three new ways ways being, three new paths of life.  i’m using the sheet to track what we are doing together as a learning family.  instead of what i want to see happen, just a short record of what did happen.  i think this would also be a wonderful way to join Ann in counting the 1000 gifts.

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what easy ways are you finding to make straight paths for your feet as this new school year begins?

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