for all the saints

on this blessed feast day, i wanted to share a few resources for celebrating that we use.

Nippert and Co. Artworks is a family business that created most of the holy cards above.  i first became acquainted with their lovely work through a free coloring sheet and holy card of St. Nicolas available at the St Nicholas Center.  they offer homeschooling families a 50 % discount on many of their products.  we ordered the Holy Card Maker and couldn’t be more pleased.  the package arrived with a CD containing the computer files and a booklet with thumbnails of each card.  each piece is presented in full color and black and white–perfect for adding your own color.

we have also grown to love the coloring sheets at Waltzing Matilda and Paper Dali.  coloring together is a wonderful way to create a space to talk about a saint, to light a candle, to become truly reflective.

last year we used the Jesse Tree ornaments from Paper Dali, but i think this year we are going to use the set from Tired, Need Sleep.  the scripture selections are a bit wider and there are more stories of women.

i hope that you find something to make your celebrations a bit richer!


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