hello, flickr!

it has been many, many moons since i uploaded any pictures to flickr.  two reasons (excuses?).

#1  our camera developed a funny little blur in the right hand corner.  from what we can figure out, it’s the sort of thing that costs as much to fix as a new camera.  our camera is not new; it wouldn’t be a travesty of planned obsolescence to replace it.  still, it sort of gives me a headache to think about!  for the most part the blur doesn’t cause too much trouble.  for the most part i just leave the pictures as they are.  very occasionally i crop out the blur.  but just that little bit of added work kept me from posting new pictures.

#2  the rechargeable batteries of said camera were also not working optimally.  it got to be that i could barely use the camera one time before the batteries needed to be replaced.  another sign pointing to the fact that we should get a new camera?  or do i just need to replace the rechargeables?  or ???  more headaches.  one day at the grocery, Andy happened to be with me, and i shared my battery woes with him.  he simply put the new rechargeable batteries in the cart.  i didn’t need to worry about it anymore!  and the new batteries have solved the problem.

so.  i have a camera just waiting to be used.  i have days just waiting to be documented.  i have a baby coming soon….so i need to make sure that the photos from the last year are up at flickr and not just making me feel guilty!  because the baby can’t be born until the pictures are taken care of, right?

new pictures can be found just to the right in the sidebar.  i hope to put up a few each day.  check back on my progress!

there are also new books at goodreads...and some old ones too.  i recently re-read Educating the Wholehearted Child and Homeschooling with a Meek and Quiet Spiritbut goodreads will only let me list them once!


  1. Love that Sally Clarkson book – really enjoying thoughtful snippets on her FB feed, too. Watch out for those Maxwell books…One of the first families I read about while looking into homeschooling, but the more I read, the more concerned me…

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