the end of the first quarter

i was going to call this post Super Mama.  that’s a little of how i’m feeling these days: letting our easy morning rhythm carry us, slowly getting things cleaned and organized and ready to welcome our new one.  but also watching the leaves fall, taking walks, reading novels.  i simply can’t tell you how good i feel when in the midst of a great, thick novel.  it’s just luscious.

our first forays into a more focused homeschool experience have been wonderful.  Mabel and Nicolas are using our Circle Time together as an anchor for their own work.  Mabel’s creativity and expression have really blossomed these past few months, and Nicolas has fully exceeded my learning goals for him–he’s potty trained!  then yesterday Sarah at Amongst Lovely Things mentioned that it was the end of the first quarter of school work.  that sounded like quite an achievement to me!  so i had to figure out when we would hit that mark too.  180 days of school divided by 4 equals 45.  oh!  that was yesterday!  we’ve finished a quarter of our year!

we are looking forward to Thanksgiving and then Advent.  by the time the baby comes we will almost be at the end of our second quarter.  but for today i leave you with some really wonderful homeschool related links from some really wonderful people doing such good work in the world.


A Few Rules for Homeschooling and Life, The Marvel Edition by Patricia at Wonder Farm.  this is where the Super Mama reference comes from!

Best Laid Plans by Susan at Tea & Cake.  this is a Spring time reflection on learning full of inspiration.  an oldie but a goodie!

and finally Wendell Berry reading a little story.  it’s always so good to hear his voice!  i just started re-reading his novel about the effects of war on those left behind called A Place on Earth.  this link comes via Sarah at Amongst Lovely Things.

thanks, friends!