adjusting expectations

i was feeling like i wasn’t getting  much done today, feeling muddled and tired after being awake in the night.  i can remember a time after Nico was born when getting just one thing done counted as a productive day.  laundry or dishes or sweeping or a trip to the library.  that was all i could do, and i needed to scale down my expectations.  but today i really did get plenty done.  i just needed to see it written down!

  • drank a quart of raspberry leaf, nettle, oat straw infusion
  • sent a letter to my sister-in-law
  • started laundry
  • did Circle Time and worksheets with the children
  • ate oatmeal and read poems for breakfast
  • did dishes
  • sent an important email and did a bit of research
  • completed some homeschooling record keeping
  • read blogs for encouragement
  • received 2 packages–birth supplies and St Nicolas Day surprises!
  • organized 4 bags to give away
  • lit candles and pumpkins (beauty!  inspiration!)