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this happens every time i have big news to share…most recently, when we  were buying a house.  i just sort of don’t know how to talk about anything else except the elephant in the room.  and now the elephant is me.  we are still waiting for our new one to be born, still reading our stack of pictures books about birth, still biding our time.  still so much in the sway of Advent even as Christmas has come and gone for the most part.  a new thing is coming.  but it’s not here yet.  so we wait.  and buy another week’s worth of groceries, do another load of laundry, read another book.  and there is such sweetness in this simple, rooted, home life together.  but it holds such longing as well.

so a few links to let you know what else i’ve been thinking about these last days.

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a really wonderful post by Julie @ Brave Writer full of tips for making sure January is a good month in your homeschool.  cuddle on the couch, read books, focus, really, focus on getting one thing right.

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Lori @ Project Based Homeschooling is sharing things that caught her eye this week.  and i haven’t followed all the links yet, but i can vouch for her resolutions posts.  good stuff there.  a life’s worth.

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Karen Edmisten writes beautifully about the intersection of love and poetry in her marriage.  this, this!


and always there are books at goodreads (finished the year’s first book a few minutes ago!) and pictures at flickr (still have another year’s worth of downloads till i’m caught up there.  yikes!)

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