forays into ancient Egypt

The Kids' Cat Book

Once upon a time (last summer!) Mabel and Nicolas got a new book to read on the long drive to California.  it was by Tomie dePaola, one of our favorites.  and it was about cats, another favorite!  it also included a quick story about cats in Ancient Egypt.  this sparked a deep fascination with all things Egypt which has dovetailed nicely with the history work we do together.  we read aloud from Child’s History of the World a few times a week, and work on geography as well.  here are a few books and resources that we have found of help this fall.

nov 12 015

working on the mummy…he’s right under Mabel’s arm!

Ancient Egypt: Tales of Gods and Pharaohs

Marcia Williams also has done Shakespeare comic books…i don’t always like her drawing style or humor, but the children do!

Mummies Made in Egypt

the classic…for good reason.

The Egyptian Cinderella

lovely illustrations and story

The Illustrated Book of Myths

a general mythology resource with many Egyptian stories

Ralph Masiello's Ancient Egypt Drawing Book

beautiful, step-by-step drawing instructions

Ancient Egypt Mummies & More by Creativity For Kids (1153)

our children really enjoyed this art kit (though for older kids it might be too basic).   and now, we have our very own mummy!  thanks, Uncle Dave!


  1. Thanks for the recommendations! Henry picked up a fascination with knights during our last trip to the library, so know we’re knee deep in castles and heraldry and armor, oh my! : ) Always lovely to learn new with/because of the kidlets.

  2. Jess–do you know St George and the Dragon by Margaret Hodges? amazing illustrations for knight-loving kids!

    Joy–thanks for stopping by! i have been up early to greet the sun, but was out a bit later this morning to avoid the snow shower 🙂 it was amazing how different the light was just a short time later.

    peace keep you both!

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