5 people: 1 closet

dec 12 005first things first!  it’s really hard to take a picture of a closet!  and i don’t know how to add any nifty lettering or notes to said boring picture.  you’ll have to click through to flickr to see the notes, such as they are.  we are certainly not Pinterest-ready!

a few months ago, Angela from Salt of the Earth posted inspiring pictures and explanations for their family closet.  oh!  a family closet.  that’s what we have!  we all share one closet and one chest of drawers (this one purchased before Mabel was born because it was the right height to double as a changing table).  it’s a tight fit, but it works just fine for us.

but what’s really interesting to me is the idea behind the closet–using external limits to help us set boundaries.  the closet in the front bedroom is given over to coats and shoes, the job of a typical entry way closet.  the closet in the children’s room is used for storage–off season clothes and some school supplies.  that leaves the lone back closet to be our workhorse.  it means that we only have so much space; we can only hold on to so many things.  it makes me consider a bit more carefully than i otherwise might.

and i think this same idea can help me (and you too?) in other areas.  i have such a hard time saying no to good things–a new book, homeschool opportunities.  but my life can provide hints and clues if i listen.  what season of life am i in?  how old are my children?  what season is it?  my priorities can shift and find a new balance as the answers to these questions change.  i don’t have to stuff my life or my closet full to bursting.  i can make a space for the good that is waiting at the door.