printables for the first day of august

are you like me?

have you been looking for the matryoshka dolls that Ann Voskamp provided a link to once upon a time?  have you checked your list of downloads multiple times and tried all manner of search terms trying to locate them on the web?

lo, dear reader!  i have found them!  and they are as beautiful as i remembered.

if you really love nesting dolls, you might consider purchasing a copy of Hearts and Trees by Amanda McCoy.  we have returned to this printable resource again and again–listening and watching a ballet, doing picture study, learning about animals in Siberia.  it’s the perfect thing to return to on a rainy morning like today.

and because it’s the first day of a new month, Barb at the Handbook of Nature blog (Amanda’s mama!) has published the August edition of the Handbook of Nature Study Newsletter.  it’s all about the night sky, stars and moon.  just in time for the Perseid Meteor Shower.


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