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Saint Ignatius

i am so excited to be celebrating a new feast this year!  happy St Ignatius Day!  i’ve written recently about how the Jesuits just keep turning up in all sorts of disparate places–including my March Madness bracket!  but since that post, i’ve also discovered Ignatian homeschooling.  i absolutely love Willa’s take on school and life.  you can read a newer post here and an older post here.

and because we can’t celebrate a saint without some coloring…here’s a link to Paper Dali’s Ignatius page.  love love love!



  1. Beautiful and fascinating to me how you all live-out and respect the Liturgical Year. Something I have always wanted to embrace more, but can’t seem to figure out how to do with the right spirit.

    1. absolutely curious about celebrating the saints with “the right spirit.” can you tell me more about that? or the resistance that you feel? i’d like to write more about why and how we celebrate the church year, and i’d love to know more about your experiences.

      for us, the celebration always centers on story. we are always up for a good story, and enter into the circle of the seasons through the great stories.

  2. It’s also Bigmama’s birthday. Born 1894. Died 1962. Eunice Florida Franklin Barnes West

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