at 7 months (+ 5 days)

aug 13 190this boy loves his papa.  he even sort of babbles “i love Papa!”  he also can clap and has become very interested in books.  he has 4 teeth, and for the most part he has had little trouble with them.  he can sit up and roll over.  he loves his brother and sister, loves being in their room with them.  he’s started to sleep sideways–making the dreaded H between us!  he likes to ride in the stroller and look around.  he can even fall asleep in the stroller, something neither of the other children did.  he likes to be outside, lying in the hammock, looking at the trees.  he is a great nurser; we have weathered the first months of over-supply and the 5 month distracted baby stage.  he is the happiest baby of the bunch.



  1. Oh I can’t wait to snuggle with Joe in a few weeks! and maybe play Andy’s guitar a bit.

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