simple brined beans

while we were celebrating at the coast, Andy’s parents treated us to dinner at EVOO.  we had a wonderful meal and wine…that cost as much as our regular food budget for a week!  it was quite extravagant.  but the recipe that i actually learned at the show couldn’t be simpler!  it’s for brined beans.

America’s Test Kitchen recommends adding 3 tablespoons of salt to a gallon of water, and using this brine to soak dry beans.  i soaked my beans overnight, but i’ve read that this method also works great with a quick soak (heat beans + water to boiling; cover and remove from heat; let sit for 1 hour before cooking).

after brining, rinse the beans and cover with fresh water.  then cook on the stovetop or in a slow cooker.  the beans are tender and tasty!  perfect for eating with rice or in a burrito or added to a favorite dish.  perfect for weeknight suppers after homeschooling all day.

what’s your favorite way to eat beans?


  1. Mmmm….now this I shall try. I love, love, love beans and cook them all the time. If you look in my “simple suppers” tab you’ll find my favorite bean recipe…we ate it last night for supper. (Loving all your posts these days!)

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