24 books in 24 days :: our favorites

the final book that i’ll highlight is a true treasure, Tomie de Paola’s Book of Christmas Carols.  we first got this book from the library, but after one season we knew we needed a copy of our own.  we loved it that much!  it’s out of print, though available used.  when i tried to purchase it near the Christmas season, the prices were quite high…so i waited until Spring when no one wanted to sing carols any more!  the prices were much more reasonable.  this thick book has all the familiar (almost exclusively religious) songs with full page illustrations by Tomie.

the wonderful and inspiring Elizabeth Foss has created an entire set Advent and Christmas season lesson plans featuring Tomie de Paola.  there is so much here!  i find even just a dip into her ideas provides our family with such richness.  there are also color and cut images from Tomie’s own website that we love and use each year…scroll down for the most lovely nativity scene.

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