atmosphere is an education


Rahima Baldwin says that our homes can be places where each member’s spiritual needs are met.  this can begin with cultivating a sense of reverence and gratitude–a sense that we are created and thankful.  this can begin with a simple altar–a place set aside and marked with beauty, a place of focus.  Rahima suggests using the ledge above the kitchen sink!  we’re there (too) often anyways.  our hands are busy, can we turn our hearts to prayer?

Lori at Project-Based Homeschooling says that our homes and work spaces will either support or hinder our goals.  we can make a space that “celebrates what we love, reminds us of our goals, and encourages us to continue working.”  i’ve spent the month outlining the work of keeping Advent, but i know that i could use reminders and encouragement.

what if instead of “decorating for the holidays,” we worked toward creating a home place where reverence and gratitude can thrive?  what if we made space for the Spirit?  What if we created provocations–simple collections of images and supplies presented in a beautiful way–that drew our children into the celebrations of the season by offering an image to color, a sweet treat to eat, space for quiet, and above all, time?

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  1. I think that atmosphere has been my biggest tool in these early years. While I don’t do a lot of active instruction, I do a lot of work on creating an environment that is conducive to projects and also rest, depending on what’s needed.

    1. as we move ever so slightly out of the earliest years i am loving how the atmosphere is becoming the family culture–the books + stories + questions + drawing + walks…it’s what we do!

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