out to the island

oct 13 073we went out to the island for the last time this year.  apples for applesauce, pumpkins to make puree.  brussels sprouts and greens.  then home to naps.  after we woke up, i roasted the squash like Lyanda recommends.  it’s always so amazing to me that the squash can steam in their skins.  then the kids helped peel and get the guts out.  we ended up with 12+ cups in the freezer.  i cannot wait to make pumpkin apple butter from Food in Jars.  after Joseph was born i ate our entire batch myself.  i think this might be my most important birthing advice ever: make pumpkin apple butter and put it in the freezer.  the postpartum, nursing you will be so happy.  here’s an almost complete family picture…hard to get the baby to look at the right time!

oct 13 077


  1. I have to say, your girl -with her patterns and skirt- reminds me so much of my girl at that age. Love! Such a nice, sunshiney day to get food. Winter squash might be my favorite: so versatile! you can put that puree in anything!

    1. that comparison couldn’t make me happier.

      and that picture of you + the sleeping babe? luminous!

  2. Oh dear…I’ve gone and forgotten to get pumpkins and apples for storing this year. And now it’s winter! (*wink*) Maybe I’ll try and slip down there in the next day or two and see if there’s anything left. Your pumpkin butter sounds heavenly. Lovely family!

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