a poem is a poem is a poem

jan-13 008when Joseph was brand new we swaddled him in his big sister’s favorite green blanket and called off school.  well, that’s not really true.  school just looked very different.  while our arms were full of new baby, the children did things like play with magnetic poetry.  Nicolas, who at 4 years old can’t yet read, created a wonderful poem.

jan-13 014i’ve spent the last 10 weeks working through the poems in Modern and Contemporary American Poetry.  i just turned in my final assignment for the class, a poem that’s not a whole lot more clear than Nico’s.  i have learned so much, but i am looking forward to some quiet.  i hope that all this thinking and writing about poems will produce some new writing from me.  to all of you doing NaNoWriMo this year, i salute you and the good work you are doing!

to celebrate finishing my last assignment, i’m finally going to make that apple pumpkin butter i’ve had in mind and get a new embroidery pattern.


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