one day late

i thought St Martin’s Day was today even though we’ve celebrated on the right day in the past.  when Andy questioned me, i assured him that it’s November 12th.  curious.

so today we’l l be celebrating giving with this coloring sheet from Charlotte at Waltzing Matilda.  i think we’ll probably make cinnamon toast  cloaks too.  i just love her discussion of the proper time to put the butter and cinnamon on the bread!  i am firmly in the before-you-toast camp!  she also linked to a poem over at Margaret in Minnesota’s place that i think we’ll read.

so, happy St Martin’s Day!  the beginning of winter, a turn in the darkening season.  light your lanterns against the dark.  i heard from a bird that there will be more about the coming Advent celebrations over at everyday snapshots.  Pam is hosting Living Liturgies!  a way for us to think and plan and bring the wonder of the Church year into our homes.


  1. I’ve missed Martinmas all together. Oh well, my six weeks will be up in time for the Solstice and I hope to light some lanterns then. 🙂

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