simple red thread

earlier this Fall, in the middle of school starting and ModPo and the 31 Days series, i needed something to keep my hands moving.  my head was full to bursting with new and old ideas.  but all that thinking left me feeling itchy!  so i purchased an embroidery kit–everything i needed for a completed project delivered to my doorstep.  just add stitches.

that’s all it is…red thread covering black lines.  no counting, no cutting.  just a few simple stitches.  while there’s also a 2014 model, i wanted to mark and remember this year.  the year our child was born in winter.  if i keep to it, i’ll have a bit of handwork to hang on the wall by his birthday.

for Mabel’s birthday, i ordered this wonderful kit all the way from Portugal.  working with burlap is a great way for kids to begin embroidery.  this morning we were sitting on the couch, each with embroidery in hand, and she said, “i just love the back stitch!”  i’ve also downloaded the BookSmart and Scandistiches patterns from September House.  now i just have to get the courage up to try transferring them to fabric.  Corinne from September House has free patterns on her blog too!


  1. I just really started embroidering in the last year or so. i really enjoy it, in fact I have a pillowcase to go embroider right now! The Portuguese ones are fabulous! Oh goodness! My husband is 1/2 Portuguese!

    1. i HIGHLY recommend the Portuguese sets! they are wonderful + include traditional animals from Portugal. the woman who runs the shop is great too! …i’d love to peek at the pillowcases! we got lovey embroidered pillowcase for our wedding…unfortunately one got eaten by a mouse 🙁

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