living liturgy link-up!

three bits of encouragement for living the liturgy + making room for the spirit:

live with a little margin,

do just one thing,

and use anchors to add that one thing to your Advent rhythm.

dec 09 103we’ll be keeping Advent by

singing + going to church,

unwrapping a book each day–rooting our season in stories,

counting the days–with calendars + candles,

following the Jesse Tree–root + branch,

and perhaps making peppermint marshmallows + cinnamon ornaments.

it remains to be seen just how much math or language lessons will figure into our days!

Pam at everyday snapshot is hosting a link-up to share your ideas + aspirations.  won’t you join us?


    1. so glad you stopped by + left a comment, juanita. that way i could go visit at your place too! peace keep you.

  1. Sounds like you plans are going to be much like mine. I have thought about taking a 6 week break from “formal” studies and focusing on this season and all the wonderful feasts it holds. I feel guilty though that maybe we should do some “school” but at the same time I think we will, just very relaxed. I am so happy for these posts as they are helping me focus on what I want this season to be for my family.

    1. glad you all will be taking it slow too…all the Advent posts can be found by clicking the blue keeping Advent button on the right!

  2. Such a lovely list — and it works right into your days. The burning question is: will you share that peppermint marshmallow recipe? Thank you for linking up.

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