preparing a place :: margin

dec 09 016

the single biggest help to ordering our days aright has been including margin as a part of our rhythm–a space for shoes to be lost + found, for people to be sick or grumpy, a little extra time just to breathe.

and really the image of the breath can be so helpful here: in and out.  a time for stillness + motion. a time for quiet + noise.  a time for solitude + togetherness.  a time for being + doing.  a time for rest + action.

as you plan for both actions, Advent can become a time of real rest and preparation instead of an endless bunch of obligations that leave you harried, ready for Christmas to be finished before the baby’s even come.

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  1. Really, kort, do you know how gifted you are in writing about these areas? So much wisdom and such evidence that you have lived this. I hope you will continue.

    1. gah! i so appreciate your kind words. you know it was from a link at your place that i came across the idea of cleaning up the kitchen as i cooked. a revelation! but really? the sound of my own oh-so-organized voice makes me cringe a little ; )

  2. welcome to blogging. *hee* the horrible reality that your “Hey! that worked (once)!” ideas are forever going to be held against you by complete strangers. 🙂 Just kidding. Honestly…it’s great that you are sharing! All of us are half inspiration and half actuality anyway, right? These posts are absolutely terrific and they are helping me!

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