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dec 11 099

one more small–but not minor–piece of advice.  this comes from Julie at Brave Writer.  in this last year, more than anyone else, her work has turned lights on for me.  it’s so much more than just a writing curriculum.

imagine you’ve been keeping Advent.  the month started well, but a few weeks in, inspiration and interest are waning.  you don’t feel like abandoning the whole project, but Christmas is still ten long days away.  what can you do?  simply, wholeheartedly, do one thing!

Julie outlines a four step process for choosing and finishing your one thing:

  • prepare–how very Advent!  pick one, just one thing from your list of celebration ideas and get everything prepared.  buy supplies to make marshmallows or find all the Christmas storybooks and put them together in a basket by the couch or find out what time the Christmas Eve service starts.  get everything ready, so that when the time comes, you are ready.
  • execute–wake up in the morning and do what you have planned.  don’t let distractions distract.
  • enjoy–this one is transformational!  be present, enjoy the experience: taste the peppermint, watch the lights, color and read right along side.  attend to your children as they attend to what you have planned.
  • reminisce–this is the Ignatian influence coming out!  after the experience, talk about it!  enjoy it again together.  think of one thing that went right (or didn’t!) and thank God for being present in your life.

you can find more about Julie’s One Thing Principle on her blog.  she even made a podcast about it.  it’s wonderful to hear her voice.

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