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I’m really serious about getting rid of this word “practice”…I play the cello.  I don’t spend part of my time getting ready to play it, and the rest of the time playing it.  Some of the time I play scales or things like that; some of the time I play pieces that I am going to play with other people; some of the time I read new music; some of the time I improvise.  But all the time I am playing the cello.

–John Holt in Growing Without Schooling Issue 14

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  1. That’s a great way of looking at it! I tend to dislike the words “toy” and “play,” too, in the sense that they seem to devalue children’s work and possessions.

    1. oh, that’s a really good connection. you often hear, play is a child’s work. but there is an obvious value judgement in the word play.

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