gws :: twenty-three

singers by one deep drawer

we are usually encouraged to be so competitive…that we don’t have time to play our “old” pieces.

but if i sweat over a Beethoven sonatina and then drop it when i am more or less satisfied with my playing in order to get working on a Clementi sonatina, i never feel the exhilaration of playing music beautifully.

so in our family what we have been doing is to each develop our own “repertoires.”

we usually have one piece that we are sweating over, but at the same time there are 9 or 10 pieces that we can play fairly well and that we play a whole lot.

Nancy Wallace, responding eloquently to issues brought up in GWS #14

from Growing Without Schooling Issue #16 archived here.

Julie from Brave Writer has also been writing about the pleasures of having learned.


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