the wonderworker

jan 14 036

do you remember just a few weeks ago i was lamenting over this boy?  i was saying he would be my undoing. well, the times they are changin’.  he has made a developmental leap that has revolutionized his ability.  this was not slow, steady change; this was overnight!

he has always loved coloring, but in the last few months it had become a frustrating process for him.  even the slightest mistake would undo him.  but of late he is better able to work through his frustration.  he has also started drawing freehand and writing letters and numbers.  last night he drew his first graphic novel panels–about Richard the Lionhearted and his brother John.  we’re deep in the Robin Hood tales!

i want to remember this cycle–that things were hard and frustrating…and then something changed that changed everything.  i want to remember so i don’t lose hope when the road get hard.

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  1. Oh Nicolas! How exciting to hear about your drawing. You are such a special boy in our hearts and your sweet spirit and bright mind are wonders to behold. You are filled with ideas that we just can’t wait for you to share with us and the world. See you soon at Medieval Times or Sherwood Forest.

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