jane–on the day after her birthday


a few weeks ago i read about the Motherhood and Jane Austen Book Club.  over the next year, the group will read all six of Jane’s novels beginning with Pride and Prejudice for February.  this is one of the books i’ve never read.  but instead of reading, i’m listening to a reading via Librivox.  it’s a wonderful accompaniment to my dinner prep each evening.  do take a listen; Karen Savage does a smash up job!  i don’t know how much i’ll participate in the book group–the book of faces and all that.  but i do plan on reading along.  or maybe i’ll listen to each book.  nourishing.


  1. Thank you for turning me on to this!! I am really looking forward to it and am going to try to talk some local moms into reading along so we can meet in person.

  2. I am listening to exact same one too! Karen Savage is one of our favorite readers on librivox. I believe she did The Secret Garden or Anne of Green Gables, too. Amazing job!

    1. it warms my heart to know that *you* are listening along to P+P too! i don’t listen to many books on tape because i like to read faster. but i will certainly be returning to Karen Savage. she’s just that good!

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