chores: choosing joy over independence


:: st nicolas of the laundry…back in 2010 ::

a subtle shift has begun at our house…a few months ago Sandra Dodd wrote about the difference between a mama who was yelling and complaining at people to get their chores done and a mama who came along side her children and did chores with them.  of course, those aren’t the only two options.  but goodness knows i see myself in the yelling, harried, put-upon mother: i know they can put away their laundry.  they have the training and the skills.  if they would just be more helpful, i could work on getting dinner made.  and fix those attitudes!  or some such.

instead, i’ve been taking the music player into the back bedroom and letting them choose what we listen to–maybe we listen to Karen Savage read a chapter from Anne of Green Gables or maybe Penguin Cafe Orchestra.  then we start to work.


sure, they are old enough to do the simple chores by themselves.  but then that means i have to be the inspector, the enforcer.  instead, we can work together, fixing mistakes as we go.  it makes laundry less a chore.  it becomes instead another way to enjoy being together.  it helps to build a family culture that respects good, hard work.  in this family we take care.   together.



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