tiny adventures

jan 14 053:: playing in the tiny house loft ::

in the past few weeks we”ve gone on a few adventures.  we haven’t traveled far, and we haven’t been gone more than a couple of hours.  but our picture of the world has grown larger.

last week we went to get a peek at the insides of some tiny houses.  these are not set up for permanent dwelling, and there were lots of other guests looking with us.  so, it was hard to get a sense of living in the space.  still it was a wonder to think of living another life.  a smaller life.

Pen Wilcock is beginning such a life in her hut called Komorebi.

and Catherine Doherty evocatively wrote about the Russian tradition of the poustinia, a tiny hermitage where you can rest and spend time with God.


  1. That is my dream: a teeny tiny house in the woods. Nearby is a replica of Thoreau’s cabin. It is one small room with a stove, a desk and a bed. What more is needed? . . . Unless you are a family of seven. But then again, the pilgrims of Plimouth Plantation dwelt in single room cottages with many people. It does get you thinking about what it would be like to live small.

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