GWS :: twenty-one

aug 13 148

…My hunch is that what she wants to find out is not so much accurate information as what you think about it.

She wants to know what you know or think about some particular subject.

I don’t think that she feels you know everything or that you are always right, though I have to guess at this.

It’s more that she is interested in the world, and in your ideas about the world…

–John Holt in Growing Without Schooling, Issue 16

archived here.


  1. I remember that phase. My views were not necessarily going to be held as correct, but my son wanted to know what they were so he could assess them and react to them. He used to look at me too, wanting to *see* what I was saying.

    It is so good to see something I have experienced put into words by someone else. I love that feeling of recognition. I am not alone in this new land.

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