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The fatal pedagogical error is to throw answers, like stones, at the heads of those who have not yet asked the questions.

–Paul Tillich quoted in Growing Without Schooling Issue 21

archived here.


    1. maybe it just means that there’s a time and place for everything…like the proverb says fitting words are like apples of gold in settings of silver.

      i’ve been thinking about this a lot because of the Art + Inquiry class i am taking. a big question in museum education is *when* to provide information. there will always be so much that can be said about a piece of art (or a tree or animal in another kind of setting) but how + when that info is delivered can make a difference.

      i think of it as intuitive homeschooling: the right resources for the right child at the right time with the right support.

      p.s. thanks for your kind words about this photograph…it’s our boy with sketchbook in hand doing his fine work! i like it too : )

      1. That makes sense to me. I was thinking something similar, but I couldn’t find that issue to read more. I am really hopeful that Enki will be my aide in intuitive homeschooling. It offers lots of options for stories and I think it will be a personalized approach for each child, the right level of balance.

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