late in lent

IMG_1808:: pretty thrifted wooden bowl that M shined up for me with beeswax polish ::

feeling a bit worn at the edges here at the end of Lent.  we’ve had enough pleasant weather (and enough time in sunny So Cal!) to make these rainy, cool Spring days feel not quite right.  and my Lenten sacrifice has been more difficult than i like to admit.  is that a sign that i really needed to give it up a long time ago?  or is it a sign that it’s really doing its work on me?  i can’t tell.  add in seasonal allergies and a boy who is cutting a mouthful of teeth and i can see why we’ve had a string of hard days.  but still.

my mind is beginning to turn to thoughts of Easter.  for the past few years we have used the stickers and devotions from The Garden of the Good Shepherd.  our stickers are a bit old…i’m thinking of making a background and using the pieces drawn by Charlotte at Waltzing Matilda.

it’s also the last few months before my birthday, the last few months before i turn 40.  thinking towards maybe writing here about the 50 Days of Easter….

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