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let your life nourish you

for weeks now this phrase has hounded me.  i don’t quite know what it means, but i have intimations.  something about letting the necessities of life become what feeds us.  making room for inspiration and the motion of the spirit within the daily round of what must be done.

Sarah from Amongst Lovely Things has gathered together her writing about teaching our children from a state of rest into a beautiful ebook.  she’s also created a companion journal–a way to enter into the heart of rest.  a way for her words to become more than just passing inspiration.  a way to dig deep and be thoughtful about our work as home educators.

my favorite part of the book might just be the blank Commonplace pages!  if this ordered practice of keeping golden lines from what we read was the only thing i gleaned from Sarah’s book, it would be enough.  it’s something more than simple copywork.  it’s the gathering of fragments that might otherwise be lost and weaving them into something that can be kept and treasured.  it’s a mainstay in Charlotte Mason homeschools and is certainly related to what makes Waldorf main lesson books.  i look forward to just this sort of keeping becoming a bigger part of our work together.