Wednesday (with words)

a few years ago i was talking to a friend about our Advent preparations.  i told him i felt like the novice master or abbot at a monastery.  it was my job, my obedience to educate these eager–but green–monks.  my job to create an atmosphere where prayer + work could live side by side.  as the years pass, this metaphor grows more and more apt!  so as we launch into a new homeschooling year, as the tide is rising + the moon coming full, here are two quote from Penelope Wilcock’s novel of monks and healers finding their work called The Breath of Peace.


“I think I may not have the stature of spirit for what I’ve taken on in this obedience.”

“Nay, neither you nor any man!” Tom responded stoutly.  “That’s why we pray.”


I had an irrational, unquenchable hope that I could find my way to something of blessing, something I could believe in.  And I had this vision of what a home could be, a hearth of loving kindness, a place of shelter, and affirmation…and peace.


  1. I especially like that second_post. Probably because that vision of peace seems so unobtainable today. Thanks fro sharing and rekindling the vision.

  2. I’ve read the first couple of books of The Hawk and the Dove but didn’t realise there were others. I think the one you’re quoting from is no. 7?? Her writing was very powerful, especially in the first book.

    1. yes, Carol, this is #7. i too loved the first couple of books, but 4-7 are excellent too. i thought i wouldn’t be interested after Columba died, but Pen Wilcock just keeps on creating compelling characters!

      peace keep you.

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