Wednesday (with words)

on almost any Wednesday for the last year i’ve posted a quote from the original homeschool magazine, Growing Without Schooling.  the quotes were almost all from John Holt who founded the magazine. in this year, i’ve created a unique snapshot of the homeschooling movement in the early days, a picture of just how exactly families were going about teaching their own. each week i grab the next issue out of the stack and start reading.  it amazes me how dated the articles are, and how very timeless.  legislation has changed in most places, but children have not.  and good books are still good books.  

i had planned to do 52 posts–a year of quotes.  but at 44 and counting, i’ve been limping toward the finish.  you see, John Holt dies of cancer.  and for the last few weeks, John’s death has been hanging over the project.  i knew that any week could be the week, the one where i picked out the issue announcing his death.  this morning, early, while it was still dark, i realized that just the like the magazine went on, just like homeschooling has continued, this project can continue on past John’s death.  it might feel a bit different, but that’s as it should be.

on a blog housekeeping note, the GWS posts usually happen on Wednesdays.  but Dawn at ladydusk has started hosting Wednesdays with Words at her place–a space to share the words + works of others.  this sounds like a great idea to me!  so the last few GWS posts will move out of the regular Wednesday spot…not sure where they will land.  stay tuned! 


  1. I just got a chance to sit down and read your feed, and want to encourage you to post these and link them on Wednesdays too. They would certainly fit in the scope of WWW! More than one post is certainly welcome!

    1. thanks so much for your open generosity, dawn.

      i am really looking forward to being a part of WWW this fall!

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