on experts

oct 09 075the world of homeschooling is full of experts–people who have done what you are trying to do and want to share their wisdom or…maybe just offer you a shiny new product to buy.  learning from others, trying out what’s worked for them can be a powerful part of our toolbox.

but really, the only expert on your homeschool is you.  sit with that for a moment.  things are rarely one size fits all–that’s a large part of why we’re homeschooling in the first place.  other people can point you toward the path, but you have to walk it.

intuitive homeschooling is a phrase i started using to describe a process of seeking inspiration and following where it leads, a way of creating space for my own voice to be heard among all the others.  it’s a collection of ideas, practices, and inspirations that can make it easier to care for ourselves and teach our children.



    1. that would be wonderful! i really like the Carnival of Homeschool, and would love to be included. is there anything i need to do, other info you might need? feel free to comment here or email: onedeepdrawer {at} yahoo {dot} com!

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