abbots + mothers

IMG_1807in his Rule, St Benedict says that the one who is abbot of the monastery must listen with the ears of the heart.  the Rule + the traditions of the monastic house detail how the monks should live, but the abbot also must listen.  the abbot must hear when there are exceptions to the Rule.  the abbot must discern what will help each monk along the path to holiness.

maybe it’s the same with us homeschool mamas?  maybe we have schedules + routines + curriculum that show us the path, but we also need to listen with the ears of our hearts.

we need to listen to our children to know when to ease off and when to forge ahead.  we need to listen to know that now is not the best time, but we will revisit the question again when the seasons shift.  we must listen and be willing to set aside our well-laid plans.

and we must listen to ourselves.  we must be our own good mother.  more sleep?  a good book?  a walk before lunch? a reliable cleaning schedule? a candle lit?  what small thing might make your day easier?  listen with your heart + find out!



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