Sweet Boys

Our midwives said that worry is the work of pregnancy.  When I was pregnant with Nicolas, I worried that he would never get to be the first and only child.  His experience of life in our family would always be a competition for divided attention.  The midwives smiled and reminded me that the baby wouldn’t just have our love and attention, he would have Mabel’s too.  The love wasn’t dividing; it was multiplying.

Yesterday, Nicolas was sitting in a chair reading The Gods and Goddesses of Olympus by Aliki.  Joseph decided to try and climb up to join him even though there was only room for 1 in the chair.  I asked Nico if he would go sit on the couch so that Joseph could sit next to him and look at the book too.  He was happy to, and they spent the next little while looking at the book together.  Joseph listened as Nicolas told him the stories.

This boy has such a generous, patient heart.


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