Hymns of Reverence and Gratitude

Have you subscribed and received your copy of Family Hymns yet?  Have you subscribed and NOT received your copy yet?  There are a few moving parts, and the process isn’t animated, so it’s possible that an email might have fallen through the cracks in the recent move.  Please do leave a comment here or send an email, so I can get you the file!

Family HymnsA few disparate notes related to hymnody:

Gratitude bestows reverence, allowing us to encounter everyday epiphanies, those transcendent moments of awe that change forever how we experience life and the world.

  • Pam from ED Snapshots asked if I had a favorite YouTube channel for learning new hymns.  I don’t.  Do you?  I’d love to find a great place to learn new-to-me hymns.
  • Mystie from Simply Convivial suggested “Listen While We Sing” and Worship Service Resources.  I really like the solo piano on “Listen While We Sing,” but you’d have to purchase both volumes to get most of the hymns I included in Family Hymns.
  • You can listen to Garrison Keillor talk about the Huddersfield Choir on BBC4’s Desert Island Disks.
  • Mary Oliver talks about moral imagination and the relationship between poetry and singing hymns on the latest episode of On Being

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  1. Hi! I subscribe and do not have the email with the printable. I may have gotten confused with the name change (your emails now show up as Kortney Garrison and not One Deep Drawer, so I amy have deleted it accidentally, not realizing it was from your blog!

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