Poetry Every Day–Celebrating Poetry Month 2015

The Pink Moon came full, my oldest boy is getting excited about his birthday, and I’ve got poetry on my mind…it must be April!  To celebrate Poetry Month, I’ll be writing every Friday–to participate in Poetry Friday–with tips and hints and resources to make inviting poetry into your everyday life a bit more approachable.

Celebrate Poetry Month Every Friday in AprilHow Writers Write Poetry

On Monday the 2015 cohort of How Writers Write Poetry will open.  Unlike ModPo, this is a class about writing poems, not reading them.  But you’ll hear plenty that will spark your imagination and make you head to the library to read more.  The first lecture with Robert Hass is worth the price of admission.  I took the class last year and found it uneven.  Some of the poets interviewed rambled, and some of the assignments seemed unfocused.  It was also difficult to use the forums.  And half the fun of MOOCs is interacting with others who are encountering the same work.  It’s being hosted on a new platform this year, so the forums might work more smoothly.  And there are some new interviews too.  All in all, I think it’s still worth your time to check it out.  Not least because continuing development as a teacher is so important. Modeling what it means to be a learner–to encounter new ideas, to be a novice, to fail and try again–can be a powerful example for our children.

Live with Caroline Starr Rose

The Read Aloud Revival Podcast membership site has launched.  It’s a collection of resources that help you take the goodness of the podcasts and go even deeper.  It’s a monthly membership that you can stop and start any time.  Caroline Starr Rose (who was interviewed for the podcast) will be live on April 26th at 1 pm.  We’ve got her book in verse, Blue Birds, coming from the library so we’ll have time to read it together before she speaks.  I can’t wait for my kids to have the chance to hear from an author whose book we’ve read!

#artofpoetry on Pinterest

I’ve been adding to my Pinterest poetry board.  There are lots of great links to individual poems, interviews with poets, resources for welcoming poetry into your life.  Go take a look!

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  1. It would be wonderful to *see* you in the How Writers Write class, Tabitha! Glad you like our April Showers picture . Thanks for stopping by!

  2. “Modeling what it means to be a learner–to encounter new ideas, to be a novice, to fail and try again–can be a powerful example for our children.” So true! Thanks for sharing these resources:>)

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