#GHC2015 Almost Like Being There

In Blue Pastures, Mary Oliver says that “Lists and verbs will carry you many a dry mile.”  An encouraging reminder for someone who likes lists as much as I do!  Last week was the Great Homeschool Convention in Cincinnati.  Dawn from ladydusk passed along an evocative list of words that she collected from the convention speakers, and I made it into a word cloud!

#GHC2015 Word Cloud

When I lived in London I got into the habit of recording a simple list in my journal.  My days were too long and too full to do much detailed journaling.  But the list was enough of a reminder to jog my memory and keep the stories intact.

I think I might try including this in our homeschool rhythm–keeping a list of words from our too full days as a small step toward keeping our memories and creating a record of just how we spend our days.


  1. Wow! Thanks Kort. I love seeing it that way, even unvisual as I am 🙂 May I borrow/appropriate/steal your graphic for on my blog?

    That is a neat idea, to track words in your day.

  2. I’ve been doing The Examen, an Ignatian habit, for the last few months. Helps me look back on my day, make a list of things experienced and felt. Not just a list, though. A mindful activity that keeps me in touch with God working around and within me. – Missy

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