My Well-Trained Mind

Optimized-blueintuitiveOk. I am not a Classical Christian educator.  You know this about me, right?  I am way more about the intuitive homeschool and wearing shoes that fit.  But Susan Wise Bauer has got something good planned for this summer.  She’s hosting The Well-Trained Mind Online Conference–all the goodness of exposing yourself to new ideas with none of the bother of travel or childcare.

Sarah Mackenzie will be presenting three lectures on Meaningful Reading in the Homeschool (June 25th-July 9) and Julie Bogart will be doing 2 different 3-part series–one on Your Fantasy Homeschool (July 16-30) and one on Being the Best writing Coach and Ally  (July 14-28) How will I ever choose?

The best part?  There are also free sessions!  And they start this week!  I’ve signed up for Pam Barnhill’s Three Steps in Homeschool Planning on May 20th (that’s tomorrow!) and Mystie Winckler’s Organization in the Midst of the Muddle on June 10th.

Are you signed up for any other sessions?  I’d love to hear your recommendations in the comments!