Bringing Easter to Memory WorkEven though the season of Easter is ending, I can think of no better way to celebrate Pentecost than to keep on keeping Easter.  Well, wearing red on Sunday and eating strawberry shortcake might be better!

If you haven’t subscribed and received the beautiful printable version of Celebrating the 50 Days of Easter, do it fast.  You can just enter your email, and I’ll send you a copy within a day or so.  I’ve got plans for a new subscriber freebie in the works–ideas for sharing Shakespeare with kids and an annotated booklist!

It’s also time for a new edition of Flourish, Sarah Mackenzie’s e-magazine.  It’s full of really good articles and resources and it’s free!  Perfect for lingering over with a cup of coffee and a sweet treat.  Call it teacher development!  I am so happy to work as editor of Flourish.  I get to really dig in to the writing and ideas and be a happy part of this good work.

And finally a totally unrelated video by Muk, everyone’s favorite Mormon-Khmer band.  At the end they do a great bit about how exactly to say subscribe in Khmer!

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