Plans at the End of May

In our town, the public schools take a Spring break at the end of March that isn’t tied to the timing of Easter.  For our family that means we get a nice long break together without the added business that holidays can bring.  It also means that there’s a looong stretch from April till the end of May without a break.  Usually I’m limping along, holding my breath until Memorial Day.


But this year the end of May sort of snuck up on me!  Part of that is my business–my time is spoken for, organized, and planned.  I’ve got things to do!  But I know another part of it is that we’ve settled into a peaceful homeschool rhythm.  More often than not, Joseph the Worker has started joining us as we sit at the table and do our morning time work.  He writes and colors and puts his hand on his forehead and mutters, “Ummm…”

We’ve also started reading Four Old Greeks by Jennie Hall.  Yes, the Jennie Hall of Viking Tales fame.  This book written over 100 years ago has an amazing freshness to it.  It’s an absolutely delightful read aloud.  If your studies take you to Ancient Greece, make sure you read this book.  I purchased a lovely old hardcover edition for not much more than shipping charges.

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But Summer is a coming!  For us here Summer is for Shakespeare…and ICAD.  In the coming days I’ll be updating all of the Shakespeare links.  And I may try to post *something* artful everyday during June. This (low-quality audio) podcast from CiRCE has me thinking about academics during Summer, what counts (hint: it ALL counts!), and how to structure our days together.


  1. I’m going to look into the Four Old Greeks book. My daughter is obsessed with all things greek and greek mythology-related.

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