The Daisy Yellow Zine

Although I mentioned it yesterday, I wanted to add another little plug for ICAD and Tammy’s neat zine.  I mean, a zine about drawing little things?  I’m the ideal audience on that one!

You can purchase it through her shop, download, and print it all this morning.  I’m sold on download+print products.  I love the instant access, love that there aren’t shipping costs…and I’m warming up to printing A LOT.  I’ve looked through it online, but I want to print it out and leave it on the table next to the stack of cards.

ICAD is already working its special kind of magic at our house: Nicolas, who is 5 and draws all the time, drew some imaginary creatures inspired by Carla Sonheim.  Mabel, who is 8 and feeling frustrated with her drawing just now, colored a card that she had draw a while back and then added a new one.  AP sat and drew/painted a crazy card–one that caught the little ones’ imagination.  And I was feeling frustrated by the small size (I know!) and wanted to paint, but colored a title card with water-soluble pastels.  Love those things!

A little bit of art, a little bit of quiet–creating a place where we can listen.