Summer Art Plans at Harmony Fine Arts

So excited to share the first assignment from Barb at Harmony Fine Arts!  Every week during the school year, Barb hosts Sketch Tuesday.  She shares a prompt or theme; kids + mamas create something and share it.  Then, Barb makes a slideshow of all the art.  It’s a great way to make sure some drawing is happening every week.  And it’s so fun to see all the different submissions.

Sketch Tuesday Summer 2015 @harmonyfinearts

During June and July, Barb is adding in a bit of art history too.  It just gets sweeter.  I love to add in these little bits of history because you never know what’s going to spark an interest or catch a child’s eye.  Barb’s plans are easy to implement and engaging to complete.

This week’s assignment comes from Van Gogh’s Bedroom in ArlesBut oh my, the assignment is so difficult!  We are supposed to sketch our bedrooms in colored pencils.  Right now, my bedroom is set up for co-sleeping…not the most artful decorating scheme.  We’ll see what we can do!

Barb also includes a link to Art Cards–Questions to Get Discussion Going.  These excellent questions can help you talk about any piece of art.  They are open-ended questions that let the student look, and think, and express what’s happening in the piece.img003


  1. So happy to hear this Maggie! And there will be new lessons throughout the summer. We’d love to see what you create!

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