The Wonderful World of Alma Stoller

In her Winter Wonderland Mixed Media Workshop, Alisha Gratehouse pointed us to an amazing artist.  She linked to a post by Alma Stoller about creating a canvas out of a cereal box.  Well, cereal boxes are something we’ve got around here.  We blow through that stuff.  I was intrigued by the process and started making right after dinner!

And the girl she creates!  So stunning!  I am not generally interested in figure work, but the girls are magnificent.  Then I started poking around Youtube, looking at more of her videos.  She’s created 43 process videos of painted patterned paper made from magazine pages.  

I have been just taken with color!  It is incredibly peaceful for me to paint a magazine page.  I usually have a couple going at once so I can work even when the paint is drying.  I am using craft grade (with a very limited pallette) acrylics, but still making things that I really like.  I draw on top of the painted pages or use them as collage pieces.  Highly recommended.



  1. Kortney,

    I really enjoyed watching this video and now I’m itching to do something creative! I’m off to explore more of Alma Stoller’s work. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh, Sue! It charms me to no end that you found your way here. Peace keep you and yours in all your creative endeavors!

    1. Kortney,

      You made me smile. Thank you! I enjoyed reading your posts. I have visited before but this is the first time I’ve stopped to say hello. I ‘m glad I did! I was telling my girls about this video today. We might experiment with cardboard, collage and paint. I bookmarked Alma Stoller’s Youtube channel too. God bless!

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