Summer Art with Harmony Fine Arts

Ok. Confession time.  I haven’t completed last week’s assignment.  I told you my bedroom isn’t exactly crying out to be drawn!  But I think I might do a blind contour copy of Vincent’s Bedroom.  We’ll see!  You can see the slide show of the projects that kids and mamas created right here.

The Kiss by Gustav Klimt

And it’s already time for a new assignment.  I have to say, this one kind of took me by surprise.  I don’t normally think of Klimt as kid-friendly.  But the patterns and textures are fairly hard to resist! And Barb included a link to a child-friendly biography, so that helps! This week’s assignment is to draw a portrait or landscape and fill the background with Klimt-inspired textures.

Kathy from Art Projects for Kids has loads of Klimt ideas.  Definitely worth a look–especially if you are drawn to pattern.  I think I’ll be drawing her Klimt Tree this week.


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