My Birthday Month

img078Everyone who knows me knows I like my birthday…a lot!  A single day isn’t enough.  I need a whole month!  My mother-in-law thinks this is highly suspect ; )  Well, this July is shaping up to be a doozy!

This past year, I’ve realized just how important teacher development is for me as a homeschooling mama.  I get filled up and inspired and energized as I learn new things.  And I think this sort of inspiration rubs off on the children.  They see me working and want to try their hand at it too.  Take a look at what’s on the docket:

  • Tomorrow is a live Poetry Tea Time with Julie BraveWriter!  It’s a part of the Read-Aloud Revival Membership Site.  $5 gets you into to the Tea Time event and access to sooo much great content for the next 30 days.  Talk about teacher development!
  • Julie will also be teaching a series called Everyone Can Teach Their Children to Write that begins on July 14th.  I am so excited that she includes being an ally in her course description.  This is what I want to be!
  • Julie is also presenting How to Make Your Fantasy Homeschool a Reality.  So looking forward to the last lecture called “Updating Charlotte Mason for the 21st Century.”  Groundbreaking!
  • July 14 brings Pam Barnhill and Sarah Mackenzie together to talk about block scheduling.  This is really how we do things around here, so I am anxious to hear Pam’s tricks and tips!  This one’s free too if budgets are tight.
  • The month ends with a bang!  Melissa Wiley will be speaking live at the Read-Aloud Revival Membership Site. That same $5 that you spent earlier in the month to have Tea with Jule will also give you access to Melissa’s live event.  This is the perfect forum to ask questions about how the plot turns and her writing process.  I bet we could even ask her to read aloud to us!

I didn’t set these schedules, but I am so excited at the confluence of all these happenings!


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