Walking Poems

We’ve been home for days and days, but I’m only just now getting the last bag unpacked and put away.  It’s been harder than I anticipated to settle into the new Summer routine.  I finally started to take walks again…had to move that to the still-cool mornings instead of late afternoon.  But something seemed off.


Then I remembered!  I had never found the Write ALM Prompts for July.  I hadn’t been tucking a word into my pocket as I headed out to walk.  A word that would twine itself into a simple haiku.  So one of yesterday’s Top Three Tasks was to find the list and copy it into my journal.  That way I can quickly find the day’s word without having to check the computer or print anything out.

Healing Walks for Hard Times is still working it’s magic as I slowly work through it.  A highly recommended resource!

You can connect with Amanda and find each moths list of prompts at the Habit of Being page at fb.

Or if you’re looking for longer form journaling prompts, Lisa Sonora is publishing a new little collection each day.

And more good words can be found at Dawn’s place where she’s hosting Wednesdays with Words…even though it’s already Thursday!


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