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serendipity on the web

We’ve been slowly enjoying the lessons from Kids Art Week.  I even looked up the hashtag on Instagram, so that we could see what other kids + mamas were making.  I really liked the look of one family’s contributions, and their Instagram account was named houseoflearners.  So I thought there was a pretty good chance they were homeschoolers.  Yes, indeed!  They homeschool in the UK!  I happily started following Laura’s account.

Glubook Party

Then earlier this week one of her pictures came across my screen.  A lovely shot of kids at a messy art table with an open book in the foreground.  She had added #readaloudrevival to her post!  It’s a small world, and homeschoolers on the internet is an even smaller slice of that world.  Still, it’s pretty incredible when two different spheres from my life overlap like that!

A similar kind of wonderful happened during the first Gluebooking Party I participated in.  It turns out that people who *should* know each other–people who are exploring similar themes through paper–actually do.  Christine from Bare Branch Blooming knows Theresa from Right Brain Planner.  The two of them will be hosting another party on Instagram this Saturday at 5 pm Pacific.  Could there will a worse time for mamas with littles on the West Coast?!  Still, it’s a priority for me to carve out at least some time to create and share during that time.  It’s the whole reason I joined Instagram in the first place!  I’m onedeepdrawer over there; come say hello!

So coming up we’ve got a Gluebook Party (with prompts and inspiration for your collage explorations) on Saturday night.  Then, next week look for a review at The Curriculum Choice of Christine’s amazing book A Year of Art Journaling–with a coupon code!

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