Our Lady of the Milk

Our Lady of the MilkTo You, lovely Lady of La Leche, and to your Divine Son, do I now dedicate this little baby whom our Father in heaven has given me.

Grateful for the trust He has placed in me, I beg you to obtain for me the physical and spiritual graces I need to fulfill my duties at every moment.

Inspire me with the motherly sentiments you felt during your days with the Child Jesus.

Make it possible for me, in imitation of you, O Lady of La Leche, to nurse my child to perfect health.

In all things help me to follow the example which you, as the perfect model of all mothers, have given to me.

Let my family mirror the virtues of your Holy Family of Nazareth.

Finally, I commend to your loving care all the mothers of earth, in whose hands He has entrusted the souls of His little children.



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